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Working from Home

Kristen F Cole

Compassion to share, Courage to gain, Connections to build. 
Join me. And Jesus.

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The Fog is Lifting

Turns out, being in a fog these past 2 years has provided clarity I have never known, but deeply needed.

Unlikely Places I Find Jesus

There’s a bird nest in the wreath on my front door. I ponder just why that mama would build her nest in the midst of such busyness and...

God Still Uses a Landline

This picture was taken when my oldest was three, back when I had a newborn and days spent with his grandparents were filled with rocking...

Mercy Rule

Mercy. Mercy. Mercy. Mercy is what I cried out for Wednesday morning. Awaking very early due to my racing mind, I sipped my hot coffee...

Hope from Dust on Mother’s Day

I have had the gift of connecting with mothers in the midst of the greatest joy and the deepest pain. It is indeed a gift, one that I...

Life Lessons from a Kaleidoscope

My eldest son, my saver of money, forwent all of the temptations that his younger brother fell captive to in that middle section of the...

Let Joy Loose!

We were in the midst of heading to his guitar lesson, which was tucked neatly between picking up his sister from preschool, he and his...

Taking a “Time Out” with God

I sat in the sanctuary last Sunday, thirsty for the message I was sure would come from our pastor who had been on study leave the month...

Cheers to the Best Mom Ever

This story, retold in the beginning of the book Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas, is said to be an old rabbinical story that told of how a...

Syrup, Sin and Surrender

Having just sat down in the rocking chair on my front porch, my body had finally exhaled from the stress it had endured emotionally and...

“Oh, It’s Jesus! He’s Here!”

The ministry of my home. This ministry is one of divine importance, none would disagree. It, however, is often a place of forced humility...

What’s in Your Brown Bag?

So, school started this past week. Shuffle time, indeed. And, not only did school start for my boys, but I also started a new (added to...

Fig Tree Budding on Mother’s Day

I remember writing the skeleton of this post two years ago, thinking through all the different types of moms that I know and that have...

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