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Working from Home

Kristen F Cole

Compassion to share, Courage to gain, Connections to build. 
Join me. And Jesus.

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All Wrapped Up...

It's a time of joyful anticipation, this season of Advent, but let us not forget the accompanying time of lamenting for so many.

Weeds, Be Gone!

Lately the weeds of life have felt especially suffocating. Good thing we have a Master Gardener to help us recognize and destroy them...

Love Gives all the Good Things

I am most able to let down my coronavirus guard and subsequent walls of control when I feel love.

Our Cleft in the Rock During a Pandemic

In this terribly difficult time we are living in, I have found hope in viewing my home as a "cleft in the rock" where I am protected by God.

It is ok to be Afraid

I want you to all hear me. It is ok to be afraid. It is ok to be real. Let's connect on this and find hope together.

When Walking is Hard

It sure has been a while. I wish I could say that I have been writing the book I’ve dreamed of writing, but I have not. Instead, I have...

The Struggle to Emerge Beautifully

The lotus flower is an ancient symbol of creation and rebirth. It is also a symbol of the sun. Its pure spotless petals close and sink...

God Still Uses a Landline

This picture was taken when my oldest was three, back when I had a newborn and days spent with his grandparents were filled with rocking...

Confessions of an Enabler

* I do not want to talk about what happened in the past. I want to live in the present.* Clear enough? I thought so. The first few...

Our Beautiful Inheritance

Just the day before my parents had visited with my aunt and uncle on their 70-acre farm in rural Virginia. The modest little house was...

Letting Boundary Lines Fall

As I stripped that pantry of its obvious-to-everyone-else disorder, I began leaning in to the deep cleaning process of my equally as...

Made to Fly: Why I Write

I am often asked, “Just why do you write?” I have struggled with answering this question for many years. I feel called by God? I want to...

To Let Go is to Become: #oneword2018

I re-read my New Year’s post from last year and was reminded of my “oneword” for 2017, “abide.” Margaret Feinburg beautifully explained...

Peace Rediscovered During Advent

Sometimes, I get so sick and tired of repeatedly learning the same lesson about peace over and over again. It is as if I am a two-year...

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