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Kristen F Cole

Compassion to share, Courage to gain, Connections to build. 
Join me. And Jesus.

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Made to Fly: Why I Write

I am often asked, “Just why do you write?” I have struggled with answering this question for many years. I feel called by God? I want to share God’s message with others? I have a story to tell? I enjoy it? Though answers like these have validity, they just didn’t seem to satisfy my heart. I kept feeling the familiar Holy Spirit tapping on the door to my heart…”Really, just why do you write? Dig deeper.” Digging deeper is hard for a mama of three who works part-time and finds

It’s Just About Jesus

In my furry, I glanced through the open blinds in our front room, across the three-day old snow-covered lawn and saw that man…scraping snow off of our elderly disabled neighbor’s driveway. That’s just where that good kind soul of a man is that I married. Being the hands and feet of Jesus. Just where is that man? Not the first time I had thought this, I reflected on how my perspective truly has changed over the years. A shift occurred when I started repeatedly seeing the best

Running: Cultivating Endurance of the Lasting Kind

“As I type this, I am taking the last few steps of my training for my first marathon.” This was the text message I sent to two of my besties, one of whom was in the midst of living out her bucket list at Disney World at least two decades earlier than expected. Later that same day, I scrolled through Facebook and was reminded that a mere two years ago, she was lying in the operating room enduring extremely precarious brain surgery all who love her remained paralyzed in our inh

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