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Unlikely Places I Find Jesus

There’s a bird nest in the wreath on my front door. I ponder just why that mama would build her nest in the midst of such busyness and activity.

Then I pause. It’s certainly an unlikely place to build a nest. But isn’t that what I try to do every single day? Especially today on Easter? I try to build my little safe haven for my family amidst the crazed life we lead.

Sitting in church, doing my best to soak in Jesus, Connor to my left, putting his head on my shoulder, then off again, then on again. Then he starts the same cycle with a piece of paper in and out of my bible. Lindsay takes her little pen and forces the sequins that were meant to be quiet, up and down like and accordion in my right ear. Landon takes his purple tie, that of course, matches the rest of us, off and hits Lindsay. During the sermon.

I breathe in Jesus. I hear the sermon about Mary seeing Jesus first after His resurrection. The pastor talks about Jesus calling her name. And I hear mine. “Kristen, breathe out peace. Remember that nest on your door. This is where I am calling you. Calling you to me, your place to nest, amidst the loud crazy blessed life of being a mother.”

There He is – in an unlikely moment, giving me the wisdom to see how what looks like a bunch of scraps to me can be transformed into a place of softness and safety for my little family. And for me.

My nest is in Him. No matter the noise surrounding me, the unusual placement of my nest, or the doubt others place on the likelihood of survival, my nest is in Him.

Can you hear him calling your name today? Oh, He is. Breathe in Jesus. Allow Him to show you those things in your life you perceive to be scraps and build your soft nest of Jesus’s peace right in the midst of the loud of your life.

He is Risen!!!! Amen!!

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