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Working from Home

Kristen F Cole

Compassion to share, Courage to gain, Connections to build. 
Join me. And Jesus.

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Sitting by the sea expands my vision and perspective ("The world is my oyster! Let me crack that sucker open and get the pearl!"), yet...

Find Your Song and Sing it

"Both of you girls have the most beautiful voices. I love to hear you sing." I intentionally uttered these words to my dear 10 year old...

All Wrapped Up...

It's a time of joyful anticipation, this season of Advent, but let us not forget the accompanying time of lamenting for so many.

Who is Your Six?

If there is one thing I think about when I hear or see anything having to do with our military, it is loyalty. I just can't fathom a role...

I Need a Rescue

It's been a while. And I haven't had "writer's block". I have so much to say, to write, to express...but just can't. Anyone else have...

What Makes you Stop and Wonder?

In a fast paced world, it is always worth acknowledging what calls us to pause. For me, it was an exquisite sunset on Christmas Eve.

Perfectly Imperfect

Take a breather today to consider the beauty in yourself and in another. Let us spread good and hope instead of fear and doubt.

The Fog is Lifting

Turns out, being in a fog these past 2 years has provided clarity I have never known, but deeply needed.

A Mother's Day Reflection

I watched her as she greeted me with grace as I entered the church where we would celebrate her daughter's life. She stood straight,...

Socks on, Bibles Open, Let's do this!

After hearing many of my hilarious, often ridiculous and farfetched dreams, my girlfriend suggested I start writing down these nighttime...

Keep Going

It was sprinkling when I set out on my daily run Sunday morning. The cool crisp fall air bit my lip just a smidge, enough to make me pull...

Getting Dirty

Sometimes getting dirty isn't just about mud stains on clothes, but about hard soul work. Thankfully, Jesus set that example for us.

Weeds, Be Gone!

Lately the weeds of life have felt especially suffocating. Good thing we have a Master Gardener to help us recognize and destroy them...

Dear Sweet Annie

A quarter pound of butter, 1/2 a chopped onion, 1/2 cup vinegar, 2 tsp brown you thought I was going to give you the full...

Love Gives all the Good Things

I am most able to let down my coronavirus guard and subsequent walls of control when I feel love.

Mother's Day During Covid-19

You know what is getting me through this pandemic? My mama friends. Cheers to every one of you out there. We have got this. Together.

Our Cleft in the Rock During a Pandemic

In this terribly difficult time we are living in, I have found hope in viewing my home as a "cleft in the rock" where I am protected by God.

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